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Thu, Jul. 4th, 2013, 04:33 pm

There is a saying 'watching the clouds go by'...I've always imagined lying on a bed of grass, probably at a 45 degree angle hill. chewing freshly pulled weed (no, not that kind...back, mind, return back!). The winds are strong and cooling 2day. It must be raining somewhere and the wind just picked up its coolness and dampness. So, winds pick up what they pass thru huh, just like us. Was just thinking about the 18yr old girl who jumped of her condo building. Her mum said she accidentally fell off, but the cousin said her mum abused her mentally for many2 yrs. Her dad has a new wife and son in the UK, she is the eldest of 4 kids, taken custody by her mum in KL. Smart kid with good grades. Her mum must've hated her, and I reckon its bcoz she is reminded of her ex husband. Eldest daughters have a tendency to look or act like their dads, as eldest sons have tendencies to look/act like their mum. R.I.P. to the poor girl, wished she had taken another way out, like leave her house and make a living somehow. The 'me' 20yrs ago did.

The clouds are moving again. Come to think of it, it doesn't really stop. We just think it do. Our minds doesn't really stop either. We just divert from one thing to another till we don't know what is important anymore.

Well, back to hitting the books. This entry has no meaning whatsoever. Just a record of an exceptionally blustery windy day (I hv diverted to Winnie the Pooh and his red balloon now). じゃね。後3日だよ!

Sun, Nov. 11th, 2012, 11:04 am
Dream Diary

Ojiisan no heya de. Zentai no uchi wa nanka, akarukute, demo baachan to jiichan wa inain da. Uchi de ippai hito ga iru no de...

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Wed, Nov. 9th, 2011, 02:08 pm
My uncle passed away this morning... 7ish AM

Feels very sad.... can't remember how many times I cried 2day, But somehow, even b4 it happened, I knew... my witch's 6th sense? Juz overcame with extreme sadness and I juz knew. It has happened b4 so nanka, konkai wa bikkurishinai de, kitsuite. Kyo wa, nani mo dekinai. Shukudai to kanji ga takusan arushi kedo ichi mai mo dekinakatta. Uchi no housework mo ippai shi... demo.... mada ugokanai! Kotae ga aru shi, sore de, moshi ojisan ga irun mo onaji kangeru "Yukkuri de, jinsei wa. Imi ga nai moshi fkei ga mienai". Hontouni my pace na hito, warau ga suki nan desu ga nakanaka 'luck' wa nai shi. Business to kekkon mo shippai shi, tsuri to tabemono dake ga suki, kodomo wa isshoni no toki itsumo warau, tanoshikatta omoidasu. Hope he has a better life next round ne. R.I. P. Siew Pooi Wing. I'll nvr forget ur kindness!

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2011, 08:09 am
I can't believe hw lazy some ppl r!

When I was young I've been told dat I'm lazy, bcoz I alwiz did things 'my pace'. Nw dat I'm grown up,
I juz didn't believe dat they r ppl who does nothing at all! And they claim they r tired, after dooing nothing!
They slept for 3hrs, then after waking up wif much difficulty tho they insisted I wake them after an hour, they
Watch tv for 3 hrs, read book for one hour then slept frm 230-730am. Isn't dat 8hrs and they get
Grumpy and complain they wanna sleep but can't bcoz I keep waking them. Do they realise I only cld study for 1hr
Bcoz d rest of d time I had to wake them, so much so dat I might as well sleep and had proper sleep for 3hrs.
D rest of d time am tossing and turning, n my frens kept askg y am I still coughing or y haven't I studied more?

Dear God, pls let me hv someone faithful and hardworking. 8hrs of sleep is still nt enuff, then I dunno where I can go wif this sort of person

Tue, Nov. 1st, 2011, 06:21 pm
atashi no asobini nakama ga kekkon shimaimashita

Sugoku urayameshii kedo... Sabishii yo! Maa ii na? Jibun de shinjiru, isshokenmei benkyou bakkari dake ga dekiru.

Wed, Mar. 23rd, 2011, 02:57 am

Ooo, this song is so appropriate! Love the almost hentai clips tho it doesn't hv any nudity. Did my eyebrows, itai! Demo okane ano hito dakara ii desu ne? Tsumaranai. Itsumo onaji complain... Ima mada kaeranai... Sigh. But I'm so proud of myself bcoz I dun care anymore and was studying and reading dictionary (as 'requested' by Sho-kun inmy dreams, TWICE, crazy KEIO-guy) and gonna watch H no Arashi-chan after logging out. Hhmm, still dunno my internet password so my laptop is kinda uselss at home right now. Am missing Kame, he's not in my dreams these days... hhmm, luckily there r otr ikemen(s) out there or I wld've been bored to death! But I heard japanese housewives hv young boy toys while their husbds go to work, where on earth do they find them?? Ah nemui... jaa ne

Tue, Mar. 15th, 2011, 09:20 pm

Atashi no jinsei wa, dou?? What the hell do I plan to do with my life? 2day I'm juz supposed to re-write my N3 notes.. but I only managed ONE page... and its 8pm now. And I wanted to design malaysia no arashi's charity t-shirt, tho I hv ideas but no idea where to start. Wanted to much to NOT sleep 2nite but wondering if I can survive Loo sensei's cls 2moro nite (kowaii)! Supposed to NOT eat so much too, but am craving for sushi now and I juz had japanese food in the afternoon. To say that I hv lots on my mind, that is not true too... I hv bought stationaries, done my chores, bought bday dress, bought bday present for self (a dolphin pillow/soft toy albeit nameless rite now); the only things left this week is to pay Telekom bill, get back my Kame pendant from the jeweler, get back my dry cleaning. That's it. So this wk juz gotta study. Read and absorb. And that oso I can't do. What abt all the things I wanna do? Calligraphy? Memorize dance steps? Write songs? B very flexible from yoga? B very very good in translation? When can I do them? This pic is how I feel now... lonely, lost...

Sat, Mar. 12th, 2011, 06:40 pm
birds nest house viewing

Really dun c what the big deal. Study the birds in their natural habitat, create a fake house for them, mimicking their habitat and voila! Wait for them to come and u collect their saliva then exchange it for cash. Yes, I know it costs next to nothing other than the initial renovations and for now, no licenses (yet) but wait lah... anything that untung a bit will invite 'enforcers' to take a large chunk outta ur purse. For now 3 'houses' r ready (actually its shop lots, bought the 2nd storey and made it into that)... dunno lah. Feel bad if I'm making use of them bird brained birds. Ah well, as long as no birds were actually harmed, I'm ok for it! Hope the money (if any) received dun invite the 7 sins into our lives...

Thu, Mar. 10th, 2011, 12:37 am

My cousins in the pic... they look like chibi Nino and chibi Ohno. No joke! Anyways rite now am very glad I hv new laptop bcoz my pc really dying on me. And somehow 2day my internet is doing the same thing too! So so happy 2day. Did homework, went gym, collected photcopied books, watched DVD and now, albeit SLOWLY, but surely getting onto the net.

Ok done. Pls stay connected till after I upload this!

Sun, Mar. 6th, 2011, 10:29 pm

I really like Kame... what else is new? Oohh forgot my internet password so hv problem connecting my laptop to my existing network connection :-) yes no one's fault but mind. Will update nikki again if I hv more to say 2day... too many clses to attend, so really panicky now

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